Our Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a dangerous job and should always be carried out by a specialist.

Here at DS Tree Services, with fully ticketed, qualified and insured arborists; this is always a guarantee. Using various methods to do so such as:

-Tree climbing using rope and harness

-Elevated platform work


TPO Trees

Tree Preservation Order trees need to be surveyed and approved by the council prior to proceeding with any removal work, which is a procedure DS Tree Services follows with care.

Dangerous Trees

In some weather conditions or pure ageing of a tree, this could cause danger with a tree potentially dying back causing damage to property, blocking driveways, pathways etc and will need to be safely removed.

DS Tree Services can guarantee to keep you and your driveways etc safe from

tree damage by removing it at your request.

So don't hesitate in calling today to enquire into the service.

Tree Pruning & Hedge Cutting

The maintenance of a tree is just as important as the safe removing of it, here at DS Tree Services, we can guarantee to keep your trees and hedges in tip top condition.

DS Tree Services work to BS3998 and BS5837, following the British Standards for the pruning of trees to be carried out in the most professional way. 

(BS3998- The British recommendations for tree work)

(BS5837- Trees in relation to design demolition and construction)

As well as the pruning process that DS Tree Services will follow, we can also guarantee to keep your hedges in immaculate condition with the professional touch. 

Other services


Got a fence that needs a bit of TLC? 

We've got it covered, DS Tree Services we will professionally lay out and paint a new fence at your request.

Waste removal/ Site clearance

Garden full of old rotted greenery and in need of some space making?

We'll do that too: removing stumps, brush cutting, heavily overgrown weeds, strimming etc.

No matter what's there, don't worry! we'll have it clear in no time all at your request.

Patio/Driveway cleaning

Has your driveway or patio been a bit neglected with the British weather and is starting to show?

DS Tree Services will get this looking spotless again for you.

Using our high powered industrial steam pressure washer, we will guarantee your driveway or patio will be gleaming.